Two overtures' arrangement for Diabulus in Musica metal group. Performed in Baluarte concert hall in Pamplona

Performers: Diabulus in Musica, CSMN´s orchestra and Formación Clásica de la CCN/NGA. Conducted by J. Vicent Egea



A graphical symbol based work. Then, those symbols have been translated into music. The representation of tension and relaxation of an extract of Mulholland Drive film.



Performers: Álvaro Vallejo, Kilian Carrillo, Leire de Antonio, Izaskun Simón and Andoni Villafranca. Conducted by J. Vicent Egea



A three movement composition for saxophone, vibraphone and basson.
This work is inspired in Messiaen's composing style; added rhythm values, the using of a synthetic scale and the creation of a chord system.



Performers: Ion Martínez, Agustín Aguirre and Miriam Guillén. Conducted by J. Vicent Egea



A dodecaphonic work for string quartet.



Performers: Julia Gil, Alba Carretero, Juan Urdiales and Ayla Losada. Conducted by J. Vicent Egea



Kaleartean 2019



Artistic intervention in Basauri.